Corporates and Cricket Teams

Cricket fever has spread nationwide with the ongoing season of the Indian Premier League. 
Social media pages of various teams are buzzing with activity with updates and comments.. from fans across the country. Everyone seems to have an opinion on who should be selected to the team, what role each team member should play and how efficient each player is. Have you ever spared a thought for the Team Management and Selectors? What factors should they consider while picking a winning team combination? How responsible are they for the success of the chosen team? How do they choose the team, considering the level of competition for each position?

The role of the selectors is much like the role of Recruitment Teams in Corporate companies, though on a different scale. For every job opportunitunity, a recruiter receives numerous applications. The requirement-skills matching analysis depends on various factors. While sorting out candidates, recruiters must consider not just the candidate's capabilities but also the situational requirements, much like the pitch conditions of a specific cricket ground. While years of work experience is important, whether a candidate can play the required role in the team should also be evaluated.

Like a Project Manager or a Team Lead, is the captain the most responsible for the performance of the team?
Are Human Resource professionals and selectors equally responsible?

How do you apply your cricketing gyaan to your recruitment process? Let us know with your comments below.

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