Layman's views of FlexCapacity

"Launching a product is like launching a rocket; you have to break the tremendous inertia that is holding the body at rest" - Neale Martin         

We understand that though we spent a lot of time in developing the product, getting a recruiter perspective and layman perspective is very important. We put FlexCapacity through a rigorous Beta phase testing. The feedback received from Recruitment Consultants John Sackson and Vivek Vardhan helped us better the product.

To our relief, Mr.Sackson and Mr.Vardhan were impressed with the collective and comprehensive information that the Dashboard provides a first time user.

In their encouraging opinion of the Dashboard,

  • Quick Links help navigate through the product easily
  • Reports give a clear picture of recent activity
  • The Help Section provides not only a useful demo video but also a PDF manual, FAQs and a contact link to FlexCapacity Support.
  • Tabular details of posted jobs and latest applications - right on the dashboard is useful.

The Beta phase also demonstrated eagerness of recruiters to use the different custom template layouts and colours to post jobs.

Their excitement was evident when Social Media Scout automatically picked and displayed the best candidate matches for jobs they posted.

They have predicted high acceptance of FlexCapacity by recruiters; and we definitely hope for the same!

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