Growing use of Social Media for Recruitment

Varun is a design and animation specialist with just over a year's experience. He was planning his career growth chart and listing what he'd like to achieve in few years time.   He didn't know of the available job openings in his Dream company, nor had he established any connections with employees there. While he knew where he wanted to be working at, he was unsure how to get there.

Things turned around for him, he says, thanks to his LinkedIn profile he had created a few months earlier and almost forgotten about. A recruiter from his dream company found his profile suitable for an immediate opening and contacted him. Varun landed his dream job, years before he expected to. All Varun had to do was have an existing profile on the web.

Thats one of many such stories where social media has helped recruiters find suitable candidates and helped candidates land desirable jobs. Reports suggest that all Fortune 500 companies use social media for recruitment and a huge percentage of SMEs have begun to as well.

Social Media is useful in multiple ways.

  • Helps active job seekers connect with recruiters
  • Assists recruiters track down passive candidates
  • Provides recruiters useful connections of referrals to validate applicant credentials
  • Helps candidates apply to jobs through references of current employees

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