What is FlexCapacity?

FlexCapacity is a recruitment product developed by Careercubicle Technologies (P) Limited. The free version is available to you through a simple registration.

What can recruiters use FlexCapacity for?

FlexCapacity can help recruiters to
  • Post Jobs
  • Display jobs with custom layouts and colourful templates to highlight your company branding
  • Manage CV database and candidate applications
  • Use powerful search tools to find best candidate matches from the CV database
  • Find matching profiles from Linkedin with Social Media Scout
  • Integrate social media accounts and share jobs with network connections
  • Bulk Upload CVs to the database

What does the free version offer?

With the free version, a registered recruiter can
  • Post jobs. ( At any time only 5 of the posted jobs can be 'LIVE')
  • Publish jobs using customized layouts and colourful templates to highlight your company branding
  • Store 1000 CVs in the database
  • Manage unlimited number of applications for the posted jobs(from the first 1000 candidates)
  • Integrate social media accounts. Leverage network connections.

Why choose FlexCapacity?

With FlexCapacity you can
  • Post 5 jobs and maintain a database of 1000 CVs, FREE!
  • Save CVs in a robust and secure database
  • Use social media to increase visibility of posted jobs
  • Provide a unique job search experience to candidates using custom branding for job display
  • Find best matches to posted jobs with Social Media Scout

Is FlexCapacity easy to use?

FlexCapacity has been designed with a simple user interface to help you navigate easily through the product.
Discover all the unique features, right from the dashboard. Use Quick Links on the dashboard to navigate to the most relevant pages.

Profile Settings

Till when is my account valid?

Your account will not expire once created. Your credentials are valid for your lifetime. (As per FlexCapacity policies on Jan 1st 2013)

How can I create my profile?

When a recruiter registers as a user of FlexCapacity, the details entered on the registration form are saved as your profile details. Your company details and contact details are saved in your profile.

Why should I maintain my profile details?

Your profile details help to
  • Save your company logo to be displayed with posted jobs
  • Enter your contact details easily while posting jobs

FlexCapacity Features:

What is the difference between normal view and custom branding?

Jobs published by recruiter can be displayed either with a normal view or with custom branding. With custom branding, recruiter has the option of choosing different layouts, various background and text colors. Custom branding helps provide candidates with a unique job search experience. With normal view, published details appear as black text on a white background.

How can I use social media on FlexCapacity?

The first step is to configure your social media accounts. To do so, please visit the Social Accounts page.
Navigation: After Login --> Quick Links on Dashboard --> Social Media Accounts
Jobs published by you are automatically posted to your configured social media accounts, 10min after posting on FlexCapacity.

What is Bulk CV Upload?

Multiple CVs can be uploaded to your database using Bulk CV Upload.
Please compress the multiple CVs into a zipped file. Ensure that the size of the zipped file is max 1MB.
Navigate to the Bulk CV Upload page and choose the file to be uploaded.
Navigation: After Login --> Quick Links on Dashboard --> Bulk CV Upload
With the free version of FlexCapacity, you can save a maximum of 1000 CVs in your database.

How powerful is the CV Search Tool?

FlexCapacity CV Search tool helps you find the best matched results from your candidate database.
The percentage match of candidate profiles to your search criteria is useful in choosing best matched candidates.
Normal search and boolean search are supported.
Please remember to enter the boolean keywords in uppercase. If boolean words are entered in lowercase, they will be treated as normal words.

What reports are available?

FlexCapacity provides you comprehensive reports on number of views and number of applications received for each job.
Track the sources from which candidates are viewing the job. View separate reports for the external sources (such as social media/ mails/search engines) and internal sources (on FlexCapacity site).

Where can I find additional information?

Visit the How it Works page to watch a complete demo of FlexCapacity.